MARC Record Editor

Easily read and view MARC records in a simple text based format

FAST and lightweight

Capable of importing 28,000 records a minute!

Can handle MARC Records of any size

Capable of loading the entire Library of Congress book catalog

Find and Replace

Full find and replace functionality with Regular Expression support with tag, indicator, and subfield level filtering

Advanced Batch Edit

Easily add, edit, replace, or delete multiple fields in a record set

Sort fields and subfields

Automatically resort fields and subfields

Export Records

Export to MARC21 UTF8 or MARC8 encoding, MARCXML, or CSV file formats

Record Splitter

Split large record sets into multiple files

Z39.50 Support

Z39.50 Support using the SRU API with customizable address string

Converts AACR2 to RDA

Lessens the work required to convert a catalog to RDA

Validate Records

Validate tag numbers, indicators, and subfield codes

Report Generation

Report generation by copyright year, classification, and a record summary

SQLite Database Backend

Advanced users can connect with any SQLite client to do further SQL queries on the dataset



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