I am Mattie Schraeder, a C# and PHP Developer in Jacksonville, IL. In high school I dabbled with C++ and TI-BASIC. I went to college at Lincoln Land Community College where I developed a Dungeons and Dragons v3.5 Character Sheet generator in Borland C++Bulider 5. From 2008-20016 I worked at Bound to Stay Bound Books in Jacksonville, IL developing their website and internal applications. Since 2016 I have been working at a manufacturing company working on internal websites and applications.

C# MARC Editor started as a side project while I worked at Bound to Stay Bound Books. Originally it was just a collection of class libraries for reading and writing MARC Records in the C# programming language, and has since evolved into the full-fledged editing suite that it is today.

While the project is open source and licensed under the GPLv3 and LGPLv3, more permissive licenses can be obtained by contacting me directly.

All opinions posted in this site are my own and in no way related to any employer past, present, or future.